3 Weird Things We Found from Cleaning Out the Apartment

by - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1. Where all of the nailclippers went- Apparently the socks did a better job hiding, but I kind of feel like I can now assign a particular clipper to each finger and toe nail. Gross, but also accurate.
2. Various international currency- you keep these things because you think they will be a special momento someday. Then you mix it in with all your other change in a plastic shelf thingy that moves from your desk to the inside of the bathroom. Nothing like finding Eurocoins with your razorheads and your Chinese change with your hairbands.
3. A Newfound Clarity about My Etsy and Shutterfly Shopping- We need a lot of wall. A LOT of wall. How many jellyfish related prints does one grown woman need? Why are there large piles of loose photographs (and at least 3 of my Great Grandma's obituary) everywhere? Is there such thing as a cutesy nostalgia hoarder? If they put that show on, I will be getting a phone call.

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