3 Things- Superbowl Edition

by - Monday, February 03, 2014

from mashable.com
1. Bruno Mars's Trumpet Player- People keep saying that Bruno Mars elevated himself to a new level of fame last night because of his performance last night. He was good. His hair was amazing. But his band was AMAZING. Is that guy really playing his trumpet and dancing at the same time? They are Steve Johnston's dream band. The trumpet player somehow looked completely serious and badass AND like he was having the time of his life simultaneously. Plus, he did it in a shiny gold suit.

from news.yahoo.com
from http://www.zimbio.com/TV+News/articles/skmEUxZ_KpQ/Bruno+Mars+Brings+Fancy+Footwork+Shirtless
2. Bruno Mars's Trombone Player- As much as I love a trumpeter, nobody was having more dorky fun than the trombone player. He was so cute and happy! And he had to dance with a trombone, which by itself is pretty impressive. Truly, I feel about the same about Bruno Mars, but I love his band. I will watch anything with his band in it.
3. The one ref who looked like John McCain- I want to believe it was John McCain. It could have been, right? I mean, who knows what the guy does in his free time? I did miss the signer from last year though.

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