3 Things- Our Valentine's Day

by - Monday, February 10, 2014

As life is crazy right now and we are planning on a final quick road trip to LA this weekend, we had our Valentine's Day today in San Francisco. Here is some of the good stuff from it. 

1. Crab-riding Santa- I wanted to stop at the pier and buy a Christmas ornament from San Francisco. I collect ornaments for a tree, but I never got anything from the Bay since we live here. So we played tourists for a while so we could get something. Or course, we ended up with Santa riding a crab with a San Francisco tramp stamp. This perfectly encapsulates our time in the Bay.

2. The Lego Movie- I Pag laughed multiple times. The gags are funny, the last 15 minutes or so are straight up ballsy, and the plot is only almost identical to Kung Foo Panda. Still, the animation just looks spectacular. Like stop motion animation gone totally out of control. Also, the Boy said that they hit all sorts of notes that long term lego enthusiasts would understand. And Batman is the best. 

3. Piqueos- The bet Peruvian restaurant in the Bay Area (trust me, it is true, we have tried them all). We go here for romantic events because for us, Peruvian food makes for a fancy, sweet meal. Piqueos is a relatively small space, but it is cozy and you can often watch them cook your food out of the corner of your eye. They have my favorite scallops and blue mashed potatoes in the world.

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