3 Things Necessary for a Good Birthday Week

by - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's birthday week here, and yesterday I did all the setup. It is not my best work this time, but there are a few key parts that remain.

1. Treats- You need to have enough food-related foolishness that you feel solidly guilty about it by the end of the week. The food during birthday week has to come in 2 forms- 1. Traditional and theme-related foods  and...
2. Best Dinners- The birthday person has to pick their dinners. The boy actually does not love this part, but he has to do it anyway, and I think he is happy to have the opportunity to make me eat Chinese food or whatever it is that I would usually refuse.
3. Decorations- We always do a particular theme (this year is Indiana Jones, which now that it is up, looks indistinguishable from the Goonies), but I think decorations are important. Space is important, and distinguishing the space from the "norm" marks the week as special. The key to living a balanced, happy life is making a big deal out of the good things that happen, because when really bad things happen, you have no choice but to make a big deal out of it. So for me, these are the keys to doing birthday week big.

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