3 Things I am Grateful for from my Time at the de Young

by - Thursday, February 27, 2014

 The last week went like this-last day, indiana jones, last day, last day, packers came, movers came, last day, and tomorrow we leave in the morning. For this reason, my blog is especially sparse and unsubstantial, but now the Boy and I are camped out on a brand spanking new air mattress in an otherwise empty apartment. In other words, let's get some things written before my thoughts turn to Oregon's cheese.

So first, Friday was my last day interning at the de Young Museum. In many ways, this internship was a lot of busy work, but in doing that and working with more established art educators, I learned a heck of a lot. I have a lot to be grateful for from this opportunity.

1. Learning the fine art of office work-I have never had a job before that required working your way through long spreadsheets and the kind of tedious repetitive work that really gets Jim Halpert down. There is something to be said for learning efficiency and efficacy through repetition. Also, I secretly love powering through a to do list, no matter how banal it seems to be. I kind of loved all of it, except for the parts where the copier turned on us, because that is what copiers do.
2. Early morning Muni rides and Tai Chi-I should have hated the 4:30 wakeups and long train rides. Some days, I sort of did. But I also felt proud of getting so much accomplished so early in the day. I loved the quiet time to just read. Best of all was listening to my zune and riding the train; it made me feel like I was back in Vienna, and San Francisco never looked more beautiful.Then, I got a hot chocolate and walked through Golden Gate Park. No matter how cold it was 30 some people were up at 8 AM doing tai chi in the park. Tai Chi is soothing even when you aren't the one doing it. So beautiful.
3. Worked in a staff absolutely dominated by women-You know what is awesome about a whole staff of women collaborating with each other? A whole lot. The communication functions in a very different way, and no one seems to feel unsure or ashamed about sharing their personal news or relationship struggles, etc. I really loved working with those women, and I will miss it.

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