3 Things I am Grateful for from Family Sunday

by - Thursday, February 27, 2014

I taught about Richard Diebenkorn on Sunday for my last Family Studio Crowd. I loved this teaching job. It was probably my favorite. Here's why:

1. Getting to teach the same lesson 4 times, rapid fire- I learn so much on those days about how the words we choose really do change the outcome for students. It both makes me feel humbled to be more thoughtful and intentional about my words, and it is fun, because I feel a real sense of play in those first few minutes of instruction. How do you teach a child about emphasis in 30 seconds or less? These are the little challenges that arose, and teaching this way offers the opportunity to actually solve those problems different ways each time.
2. The security guards and docents-The Cantor has the best security guards. They are actually super friendly, and thank goodness for that. I also really love the Family Sunday docents, who are mostly there because they love kids, and they are inspirationally great with kids in very different ways. I aspire to be these women (when am I not on a quest to be an old lady?).
3. Parent (and Grandparent) participation-It's a special pleasure of this job to watch a parent seem to be there to watch over in the corner, then gets sucked in to help, then by the end of the half hour have made their own piece of art, beaming. This is the ultimate compliment and joy of this job.

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