3 Things I am Grateful for from BCM Kidsmart

by - Thursday, February 27, 2014

1. The Healing Powers of Daisy, Cami, Itzel, Jordyn, Kimmy, Villiami, Stephanie, and Waniya- When I started at BCM, I was very recently graduate school dumped, but helping these students, or even just being actively excited about what they had to tell me, changed my life. Not to mention it was a pace where I coud talk to them about faith and see them navigating their own faith. It made me feel useful, but this experience also served as a loving reminder to be grateful, to be curious, and mot importantly, to be silly. I loved getting to know their class and their teacher Waniya, who is wonderful and hilarious in her own right. I will miss them the most. I will miss Daisy's sweetness and devotion to her cousin and sparkly cheetah boots. I will miss debating with Stephanie. I will miss their brutal and hilarious honesty. Everyone go and volunteer somewhere.
2. Pirate's Booty-best recess treat, hands down. I liked it better than tetherball, but less than chasing butterflies.
3. The Rainbow Fairies and Junie B Jones- I have read every book meant for girls between 2nd and 6th grade. I have mastered the fine art of bargaining for extra pages and doing just enough silly voices when it is my turn to make it fun. I love and hate those damn little fairies- you can't deny the power of lady friendships and cute defining outfits. On the other hand, by the end of the half hour I feel like my brain will melt. My best advice for helping a non-reader to like reading? Ask questions! Especially if you can relate it back to their lives. Also, when they get out tha rainbow fairies, just run. The series is endless.

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