3 Things for Yesterday

by - Wednesday, February 05, 2014

1. My Favorite project, basically ever- black paper + glue resist+ chalk pastel= amazing. I love seeing what my artists come up with during this project, because it is such a great opportunity to just play with the materials. Also, everyone leaves covered in color, which is how life is supposed to work (I have great pictures of them with their multi-colored hands, but I can't post them! Ask next time you see me!)
2. John Legend's new single- It's just sweet, and it makes me smile when it comes on the radio. Surely, it will wear itself out being overplayed leading up to Valentine's Day, but it makes me happy now.
3. Dr. Amidi- When the dentist found out yesterday from the Boy that we are leaving, she moved my appointment up so she could see me one more time too. I have never loved a dentist before, but I will genuinely miss that woman.

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