3 Things for Yesterday- Rauschenberg's Dirty Hands, Sarah Vowell Openers, and Nail Polish Colors

by - Tuesday, February 04, 2014

from pastexhibitions.guggenheim.org
1. Robert Rauschenberg on getting Dirty-As quoted in the super bodily essay written by Helen Molesworth "Before Bed"- "I could have gone on painting with my hands, I think, and making messes forever because I really loved painting. I guess the physicality of my personality was emerging, and so I had to paint with my hands. I couldn't stand a brush coming between me and the canvas. Naturally, I cleaned my 'brushes', which were my hands, on my clothes." (this quote is from an interview with my beloved, forever love Barbara Rose).
2. The start to Sarah Vowell books- That woman knows how to open a text with gusto. Reading the one about Hawaii now.

3.Moving issues that can be solved with nail polish- Oh man, we are really in the thick of trying to plan our move, and The Boy and I are running out of patience for negotiating roofing and timing and the bevy of other not at all fun things. But at least we have painting to look forward to. I will just keep debating colors with my nailpolish. Mature, right?

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