3 Things for Yesterday- Pop-Up Valentines, Cristina Aguilera, and Scotch Tape Crepe Paper

by - Sunday, February 09, 2014

1. Elizabeth Murray Pop-Up Valentines-The lesson was absolute craziness because it was a special group party, but the products were quite pretty. Nobody screamed in my face. I didn't get fired. So all in all, I am going to call it a win.
2.That it is Cristina Aguilera on that "Say Something" song- Special thanks to Paige for making me realize this. I really like that song and its sadness, but this has to be the best, most restrained Cristina Aquilera performance ever. I do not miss her runs even a little bit.
3. The Boy's Valentine's Day Decorations-While I was at work, The Boy decorated the apartment. It looks so cute, especially considering everything else is building into a big mess in moving preparations.

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