3 Things for Yesterday- Flowers, Farrow's Courage, and Finding a New Sushi Place

by - Sunday, February 02, 2014

1. Our last time doing flowers with Julie- about 4 years ago, a woman from our home group asked me to join flower guild with her. Since then, we have done these big vases of flowers with her at least one Saturday a month (for a while we were doing it three times a month). These Saturday mornings have so many great parts to them. First, we get to go shopping at the Sunnyvale Farmer's Market, so The Boy goes and buys groceries while I buy flowers. Secondly, I love holding the giant piles of flowers together- I acutely think they look best in a big pile like this, so it makes me happy to carry the big bunch around the farmer's market while the boy debates within himself about which oranges to get (yes, this happens every time). Then, we get to arrange flowers with Julie while she and the Boy discuss Game of Thrones and why pot should be legalized. Truly, flower guild was one of our favorite California routines, and I think it is the first thing we said goodbye to, to kick off a whole month of saying good bye.

2. Dylan Farrow's courage- Before the Golden Globes, I didn't know anything about these allegations against Woody Allen (I knew about the creepy marriage thing, but I didn't know much else about his personal life). Reporting sexual abuse always takes incredible courage, but in this case, within 12 hours of her personal essay being posted on the New York Times, other big online sources had articles attempting to debunk her credibility. Everybody is combing over the previous charges that were thrown out decades ago.

When you come out against someone who is already famous and beloved, the general instinct is to step to their defense, because so many people feel like they know that person, even though they clearly do not. This instinct to protect the accused happens in everyday situations, but on this scale it probably feels that the whole world is weighing in on her childhood abuse. Yesterday, 3 hours after the article was posted, Robert B Weide wrote a shockingly insensitive defense of Allen on the Daily Beast. I can't imagine being this woman right now, but I have so much respect for her strength. I think her essay (which was REALLY hard to read) also raised interesting questions about whether a person's creative output is still valuable or worthy of praise if the person themselves is a rat. Are you allowed to have a favorite movie made by an abuser? This is a question art history asks all of the time (an easy example would be the debates around Gauguin). I honestly do not know the answer, but I do know for sure that a person's artistic output should not protect them when they are a rotten human being.
3. Figuring out where the closest grocery store, restaurants, Episcopal Church, etc will be to our new house- I think getting too attached to house dreams could be a fool's game, because you can only do so much at a time, so right now I am focusing on the life we can make in Seattle and how we can get involved there. 

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