14 Things That Made Valentine's Day in San Francisco Pretty Lovable

by - Saturday, February 15, 2014

1. The sunrise, the Bay Bridge, and the Muni- Favorite thing about my very early Friday mornings. Beautiful, and well-accompanied with Stubborn Love and the opening of Beetlejuice.
2. Tai Chi in Golden Gate Park- Sweet and lovely. I could never be the kind of person who got up early to do tai chi, but boy I would like to be.
3. 2nd graders at the de Young Museum- So funny and smart and able to make symmetrical paintings.
4. The Opening of Georgia O'Keefe- Members in every direction. Hoping O'Keefe pulls the same crowds that all of the dudes have warranted in the past year.
5. Just a Little Bit of Rain- The city was characteristically grey in a good way.
6. Museum staff all wearing pink and red- Education people are all cutesy. I have found my people.
7. A Macaroon from Mary- I loved interning with this woman, who looks like a Disney Princess and says all sorts of hilarious Canadian things, and I am bummed to abandon her. But she brought me a good-bye cookie.Did I mention I found my people?
8. Vegan Gluten Free Apple Cinammon Muffins- another Valentine's treat from a co-worker. It didn't tate at all like cardboard, so I was pleasantly surprised.
9. At least 20 people carrying flowers- Lots of people were going to have a good day. I know Valentine's Day has a bad rep, but I think it is a good thing to remind people that they should act excited about each other. I kind of wish this was a monthly thing.
10.  Random Acts of Poetry- Some random guy gave me a poem while I was waiting for the Muni. Better than the Valentine's virginity carnations I would get at Penn State.
11.A woman who smelled just like my Great Grandma- Amazing, though I am not sure Great Grandma would be reading Philip Seymor Hoffman gossip.
12. A Muslim woman dressed in all red and pink- So cute!
13. A Man Asleep on the Caltrain listening to Sade on his laptop- He was in the Valentine spirit!
14. Foodtruckin'- I love The Boy, but that sandwich may be my true love. Only one more time, if you can believe it.

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