Today's Inspiration- Seurat and Pointilist Tattoos

by - Thursday, January 16, 2014

I love Seurat. He is so OCD original that no one has really been able (or willing) to copy his style (yeah, Chuck Close is playing in the same ideas, but it isn't the same). Or so I thought. Actually, there are oodles of pointillist tattoos, which is just so brilliantly obvious that I love it. Let's enjoy, shall we?

from I will try to find a better citation for this, but it is my favorite ever because of the lady on the right.
I like this one because often his people look kind of flat like cartoon characters, but here he gets plenty fleshy. Now, for the tattoos!



This last tattoo is the best thing ever. If I was brave enough to get a whole sleeve, it might be this. It looks like a Delaunay Seurat flesh baby. I am obsessed with it.

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