Today's Inspiration- Candy Darling

by - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I learned about Candy Darling as one of the many members of the Factory back when I did the Andy Warhol film project, but I didn't realize just how amazing she was until I watched her documentary today. One thing that really stuck with me was that she was said to play herself as a character. I think that genuine fakeness is so strange and wonderful. No wonder she became a Warhol starlet. Avedon, Mapplethorpe, and Warhol all photographed her. Tennessee Williams hung out with her. Lou Reed wrote a song about her ("Take a walk on the Wild Side"). Such a Goddess. Here are some pictures:

by Richard Avedon, 1969 from
by Robert Mapplethorpe from

By Francesco Savullo, 1969, from

By Peter Beard, on her death bed, from Jud Barry

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