Indiana Jones Cake

by - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alright, in the midst of all this kookiness, I am still trying to figure out what to do for the Boy's birthday. It will also be the last weekend in our apartment, so I think that gives me a little room for being creative, but it also means I probably shouldn't go too crazy, because we will have a lot to do on top of watching Indiana Jones movies. So, I think I want to do an awesome cake if at all possible.

I didn't think there would be a huge pool of Indiana Jones cakes out there, but boy was I wrong. The Pinterest Gods, as usual, proved me wrong. These are some of my favorites:

Rolling Boulder Cakes

 I love the boulder ones, because it is a pretty iconic moment from the movie, but I especially love this cake because the sort of rugged terrain lends itself to a less than stellar cake decorator. This is my hope anyway.

This is the fancypants version. I  like so much of this cake, but I don't think I can handle the sandy fondant business. 

 LOVE. Why is it that I love eighth birthday cakes for The Boy? But come on, this cake just looks amazing. Plus, I bet it will be a blast to try to make a boulder that big without it falling apart. If I were a woman who bet on her own actions (and I think I have an inside track here), I would guess this will serve as the primary inspiration.

from Julie Guglielmi
 A similar idea (also, eighth birthday), but I am not crazy about all the silver and green. The snakes everywhere really take it to another level though.



Another big trend in Indiana Jones Cakes (thank goodness for Lego games, let me tell you), are temple type cakes. These are often more squared off, so they may be my speed, but some of these look professional! Kudos pinterest people!

 A+ fondant use here. Also, I like the cakes that just use the legos. Why bother fighting it, when the legos are already amazing?

The guy on the top closely resembles a penis with a face on it. That's fine, but it is an odd look for a cake. It needs more snakes or something to transform it into ultimate-Indy-ness. 

 Eh, I could take it or leave it. It looks well done, but when you have so many options for inspiration, why would you do the temple when you could do something crazy! Like...

Monkey Brains,  Snakes, and Hats

 YES. I know this is still way beyond my decorating capabilities (whenever I try to carve into cake, the whole thing disintegrates), but I can now say that I do love a monkey brain cake. I need to think of something monkey brain-y though.

from Given To Art
 Snakes!!! Ok, this one could also become a real possibility. I think I could come up with some kind of snake cake, right? Also, this child is only turning 7! Change of pace!

There are lots of hats ones, which are beautiful, but perhaps not that exciting. I do like how buggy this one is. 

 This looks so simple, but I know I couldn't do it. I like when the cake can have a kind of square base, because it means there is actually a lot of cake to that cake. And if there is nothing to eat, then really, why even bother?

This one blows me away. I think a simple gold cake would be awesome, but how did they do all of the details? Just awesome.This one sets the standard for sure.

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