9 Things for New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and Our Travels Back to California

by - Friday, January 03, 2014

1.Rainbow Road- I will always stink at this, the most difficult and dangerous of Mario Kart levels. I die about every five seconds. I also almost always play it with 9 year olds, who wipe the semi-translucent, multi-colored floor with me. I would also recommend the Hasbro games for Wii- it is weirdly more fun than you might expect! We especially enjoyed the combination of mystery, murder, and pool parties in Clue.
2. Jigsaw puzzles- I can't wait to grow old, move to a home, and just do puzzles and be ornery all day. Why do jigsaw puzzles suck you in like they do? It's weird puzzle magic.
3. Any Alfeo holiday that includes crab legs- I love my family, but this is their most major and amazing bonus. I eat way too many. It was a good meal to end 2013 on.Also, The Boy's cousin Angela used the crab legs as hands (kind of a crustacean Edward Sissorhands) which was pretty hilarious.
4. Two Door Cinema Club-  We had xm radio on our stinker of a rental car, and I will miss alt nation, even though it made me so aware of how much alternative music is just white guys singing about their singledom (also, where the wild things are- who knew?). Two Door Cinema Club sounds like a poor man's Ben Gibbard brain child (though not as poor as Owl City), but I liked the song they had that was on their end of the year countdown.
5. The Announcers for the Rose Parade- Who knew that Bob Eubanks knew everything about horses? Also, saddles. Less actual knowledge was shared about roses, but he and his Lansbury-esque co-host love a good dog story and an oh so hilarious dog float. Starting out the year with the Rose Parade kicks the ass of other New Year's traditions.
6.Starting 2014 with Scrapple, pork and sauerkraut, and seafood and rice- How much more good luck could you possibly receive epicureally (I know it's not a word, but I don't care)? Let's hope this is a sign that this will be a delicious year.
7. That embarrassing moment when you have to repack your suitcase because you are over the weight- Blech, this doesn't happen to us any other time than Christmas, but we worked it out. Also, American Airlines has to be the most understaffed, misconceived airline check-in in the world. They may have been unimpressed by our overstuffed luggage, but I wasn't blown away with them either.
8. Hanging out on the tarmac at Chicago O'Hare- By the time we took off, we had to be de-iced three times. But I read almost an entire book and edited about half of my pictures from December (THERE ARE SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Also, by some twist of fate, we didn't have the third person in our row, so we got to enjoy the strange miracle of personal space on an airplane. So overall, we had a good time.
9. That we survived Supershuttle- nothing is worse for our relationship than Supershuttle. After having a perfectly good time despite the travel craziness (really, it was a perfectly pleasant day! Lots of jokes, reading, and chocolate!), the positivity broke down when we found out that some driver had counted us as delivered hours earlier (since we were 4-5 hours late). i don't know why I must blame The Boy for every horrible thing that supershuttle does (I hate that they exist), but I do. I try to be cool, but I can't. After a day of travel, you want to pick up your luggage and go. The San Jose airport is 15-20 minutes from our apartment. It took us an hour and a half to get home. This is just more than I can bare in most cases. But we survived it and were even back to being pleasant by the time we got home.

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