6 Things for the Sick House

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1. Smiley Oranges- Apparently every orange company is going to try to make their version of cuties. Stranger is that our Safeway seems to carry a different brand every time we go. Genetic engineering to make oranges simple enough lazy people can peel them? Yes. I am positive. Yet they make the Boy so happy.

from http://minamata.tumblr.com/image/50438804083
2. Bataille- Because we are all base, rebellious, intentionally destructive creatures. Also, this adorable picture of him hanging out in Lascaux. Let's make some fricking messes, shall we?
3. The Great Gatsby- I kind of liked it best when everyone had died, what does that say?
4.Packages filled with sand- You know my Hawaii-based mother sent us a gift when sand lays all over our dining room. I don't think this needs to happen. I suspect she mockingly stuffs a handful of sand into our packages just to remind us of our own tedious, non-tropical existence. Also, she bought us a cupcake table cloth, so once I get the sand out, it will really blow up our tiny table in cutesiness.

from thedesignfiles.net
5. A book-filled master bedroom- It doesn't trump the dining room library fantasies, but I would sleep pretty happily in this bedroom filled with books.
6. Dayquil tablets- why do they make them so hard to open? My poor, sick husband needs his drugs!

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