3 Things- A Week Behind! Up until Today

by - Monday, January 27, 2014

Ok, I am not even going to try to make this accurate to the days of this past week, since I am so far behind. So here are some randoms, and we can move on from there.

1. The face my father-in-law makes when he is not pleased- Oy. We saw a lot of this face. I am grateful for it, because he is really tough when we are not so much that way.

2. Having that "Ooh Ahh this could be it" kind of moment- Looking at houses already makes me feel like an imposter, pretending to be a grown up. This feels even crazier and more like someone else's life. I think I am still not convinced this is actually happening.
3. The Honey hole- A cute little restaurant in Capital Hill. They have an awesome BLT and the boys seemed to really like their sandwiches too.
4. Giving good news- Have you ever thought about how few times in life you actually get to share really good, big news to people? That was kind of fun. I really LOVE hearing big news from others, so it was fun to have some to share myself.
5. Otu- I had the best 5 am conversation at a San Francisco train station I have ever had in my life last Friday. It made me smile.
6. Cafe Muse- A cute little cafe right off of Golden Gate Park. Added bonus- near-excessive nudity on the murals on the wall. Who doesn't love a little boobs with their sandwich?
7. Food Truckiversary with TP and Bry- So fun whenever they come to visit us, and you have to appreciate guests who will happily eat their dinner sitting in the cold on a bucket listening to consistently bad acoustic music. We discovered Moveable Feast exactly a year ago, and it has become one of my very favorite California things.

8. Jellyfish at the Monteray Bay Aquairium- Another one of my favorite California things. I love them so much, and I will be lost without that room of jellies. It is the closest thing I know to heaven, and my soul looks pretty close to the beauty on the right.

9. Jellyfish bowls- The Aquarium currently exhibits a bunch of work about green practices and our consumption's effect on sea life. This piece was my favorite, because they are so accurate. The artist really manipulates textures in a way that make the materials look ephemeral and light like jellyfish or a splash of water.

10. The way little kid's scream when they are excited- this is my favorite picture from the whole weekend. He loved that room so much!
11. People's willingness to try new Bravo shows- Having my brother be willing to watch Top Chef should not make my weekend, and yet, it sort of does. Why am I not on Andy Cohen's payroll already?
12. Paint chips- Specifically, "borrowing" a hundred or so from Home Depot. I love color.
13. Snyder's sourdough pretzels- Delicious.
14. That I may not have to go to an airport for 6 whole days! Oh, our life. This chapter will be over soon enough, right? As long as this house stuff works out, it will all be ok. 

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