3 Things- Untwisted Intestines, Death Cab Dating Philosophies, and The End of the Resigning Tunnel

by - Thursday, January 30, 2014

1. Successful surgeries- Also, being on the West Coast when really fret-worthy things are happening on the East Coast. It really cuts down on the amount of pacing and worrying you can do, because by the time you wake up, things are already on their way. It would be better to just be there for these things, but since a super quick escrow keeps me and my notarized signatures here on the West Coast, it helps to spend slightly less time worrying. Thank God for some good news on this front, and the fact that with His blessing, so many of Aunt Ann's scary moments have had positive outcomes loaded with hope. Thank God for hope, especially where there could be none. I still see a lot here, and it makes me cry if I think too much about it. Please keep praying for her in the next few weeks/months, because the battle is long.

2. Semi-random phone calls from my yin- Everyone should have a friend who calls just to tell them their dating stories. Especially if they are good ones. This can be a lonely world, and I am grateful for people like Andre who are just wonderful in every way. Except maybe the way where he enjoys hitting on my cousins. Still, pretty close.This picture is our first together, 7 years ago.

3. Being almost done telling people I am leaving my job- One to go! I am happy that this phase is almost over. I am relieved that no one has been angry at me so far, but it could still go that way. Trying to focus on the positive that a year ago I felt totally depressed and hopeless here in the Bay Area, and now there are so many people I am so sad to leave. 

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