3 Things for Kyle's Wedding! Party Time!

by - Saturday, January 11, 2014

1. Their table numbers and "gallery guide"- Joanna is very artistic, and she drew the places significant to their relationship so far. They named the tables after these places, but they gave really well-produced pamphlets about each work of art and their history. It was personal, but it kept things very very formal, so yay for them for keeping on tone. 

2. Seeing Jon Elvis Olson and hanging out with his badass, slightly tipsy wife- We are used to being the sassiest ones at a wedding, but she had us beat. I knew she was sassy before (she has given me stern talking to's about my shoulders at Writing Center events), but having the night to chat with her was hilarious and fun to balance his sweet, quiet wisdom, which is always welcome and healing.

3. Cupcakes as the favor- Is there anyone in the world who doesn't get pumped for the cake (I know there are, but humor me, people)? I think having your guests leave with double the cake is a genius idea. We almost tore into ours during the speeches, but we didn't want to look bad to our table mates.

4. This couple- They are so good-looking, and their family is so good-looking,and the venue was so good-looking that it basically felt like we stepped into a movie. I had never met Joanna before, but it was clear from the wedding that she is sweet, generous, and creative. They both seemed so happy, and that enthusiasm is always infectious. Congratulations to the happy couple- we were honored to be there.

5.  That the fancier a night starts, the more junky it needs to end- We topped off the big Black Tie wedding experience with a trip to a bar to eat wings, french fries, jazz music, and middle-aged drunk people dancing up on each other like a middle school dance. It was genuinely the perfect end.

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