9 Thing for Christmas in LA

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

1. Madonna Inn at Christmas- It was the perfect way to combine a trip to see my brother with our anniversary celebration. I can't remember ever going swimming outside so close to Christmas. It was DEFINITELY the closest I have ever been to Christmas while being in a Wilhelm Tell-themed hotel room. The things you'll remember. What will we do when the Madonna Inn isn't a short drive away? Where will we get that Grandma's sex den ambiance? And it is even sparklier and more filled with elderly people dancing at Christmas!

2. Sprinkles cupcakes- this is where Bry is working now, and she brought us goodies from work. We ate two tonight on the horrible car ride home, and the pumpkin cupcake was lifechanging. Spectacular. We need to stop eating treats all the time, but man it is hard to get around them at this time of year, and with treats so delicious, I am not convinced that is really the correct course of action.

3. Whimsic Alley- this store in Los Angeles worships all things Harry Potter (though it is branching out to larger geekdom). It feels about as magical and honestly dorky as one store can feel, and who can fight that?

4. Milk Jar cookies- this place is next door. I am not exactly proud of how much junk we ate this weekend, but this cookie was worth it. Bry said best cookies in LA...

5. But then we made our own- My favorite part of the whole trip. Honestly, it was a miracle that my brother tolerated the merriment as long as he did, but it was so special to start setting traditions that we can carry on through our adulthood.

6. An Old tradition working its way back in- My favorite tradition with my brother since we were kids came back this weekend. I loved it. Paired with Muppets Christmas Carol, it could not have been a more fun and perfect evening.  Also, we never put two of the same color next to one another, so we still got it!

7. Frosting cookies in the morning- They turned out pretty beautiful. Also, not grandma-appropriate.

8. Short Order Pesto Chicken Sandwich- At the LA Farmer's Market. Short Order is a super fussy/ semi-southern restaurant. The sandwich was really yummy, and the boys both got some strange pops that they really liked too.

9. Sponge Bob Mailbox- Just because it was cute. Also, the rest of the car trip was a huge downer, except that we had cupcakes to eat.

Side note- this is my 2000th blog post! What up people!

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