6 Things- Buzzfeed, Lloyd Dobler, the Pope, and Body Image Heroes

by - Thursday, December 12, 2013

1. The 20 things you need to know about late 20's introverts who are left handed and also from the 90's and the suburbs- Oh golly. Well, kudos to Buzzfeed for gifing the hell out of people's need to feel recognized. Also, have I mentioned how bored I am with hearing about your introversion? Oh, being around people is work for you? You and everybody else. Would you like to also tell me about how you like movies and pizza?

from collider.com

2. Lloyd Dobler- Where has he been all my life? I think I watched this movie Sunday, and it is basically my favorite thing ever. I used to love John Cusack from High Fidelty. It was probably some sort of blessing that I didn't know just how cute he was in this movie until after I was married. The movie is so sweet and quiet, and I loved it. He is some sort of cartoon dreamboat, but I still loved him.
3. Pope Francis- Clearly I am on the same train as everyone else (including Time Magazine), but he really has been a lovely (and crazy liberal) pope. It is nice to see him be so humble and so committed to treating many people with love and kindness. His efforts to be like Christ ring really true thus far, even if there are still plenty of Catholic doctrinal issues that are not cool.
4. Our first ever try at making Indian food- I think the sauce broke, but it made our apartment smell amazing, so I would count it as a win. Perhaps mastering Indian food can be one of our goals for 2014.
5. 11 Body Image Heroes on Huffington Post- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/09/body-image-heroes-2013_n_4379790.html- These ladies are all pretty inspiring, though the variation in effort is pretty notable.
6. Editing Thanksgiving pictures- I like seeing how many people are laughing and smiling in them. It was such a profoundly joyful day that I think it will reverberate for a long time. Just thinking about it still makes me smile.

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