3 Things- Margaret Mead, Amy and Tina's EW, and Legend of the Lost Cell Phone

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

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 1. Margaret Mead- It is her birthday! Mead is one of the best-known cultural anthropologists ever, and she interestingly is taken up by feminists and tea partiers alike. She was born in the 1800's, so her success is absolutely remarkable. She was also committed to teaching and to the institution of the museum (as a curator), so I have been thinking of her quite a bit in the last month or two. You can read about her here.
2. Amy Poeheler and Tina Fey as guest editors of EW- Man, it has been a good week for feminists in the entertainment industry. The interview with them is funny and warm and everything that makes them great. Even better is the fact that they use the opportunity, without ever saying so overtly, to encourage and highlight other lesser-known women (Amy Poehler even picks an article on Natasha Lyonne and Orange is the New Black- I seriously love that woman). I swear this is all I want in the world- for women to be psyched for other women without it having to be a shocking big deal.
3. That we rescued my phone- I may have fooled physics and somehow landed my cell phone inside the motor of our treadmill. I cannot explain to you how this happened, but let's all agree it was a particularly annoying type of miracle. The whole event sucked up an hour of our evening, and we had to deconstruct the treadmill (and I mean this in the least sophisticated way possible) to get to it.  This catastrophe (overreaction?) really came to a head when we had to push through the grime of the motor to grab the phone. There is more Barbara hair in there than on my head. For three years, I have walked on that thing at least every other day, and without my knowing, it served as a graveyard to my grossness. Not impressive, but I think it served as a real adventure. We should have dressed like Indiana Jones.

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