3 things for yesterday- hffzfguhvdfgvc

by - Friday, December 13, 2013

this is my first attempt at writing a blog from my phone and I hate it. Autocorrect makes me feel bullied and self-conscious about how many words I just make up. Alas, it is this or nothing since we are driving down the coast tonight. So, now that i am done complaining(for now bwahaha) here are the things I am grateful for from yesterday:

1. The bayshore Christmas party- my students told me they were going to assess the boy, and they were not lying. Also, why do potlucks make so little sense food-wise, but also make me so completely happy? Also, I like when people like my baked goods. Even when they are not all that good. I feel rejected when people don't take one. I wonder if that is how chefs feel? I think i may get too invested.
2. Green frosting trees- the idea almost came together. It would help if my buttercream didn't get melty, but i will never succumb to the Crisco gods.
3. Lion blanket- really, i love all blankets, but now that it is cold, this one is my favorite.

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