12 Things- The Rest of our Trip Home and the Trip Back

by - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

1. This- The whole of the Moffitt-Guth siblings 33 years ago, and all of them together now. I think I have been putting this blog off because I am pretty heartsick that it is over already! Still, you have to appreciate how much has changed in that time (including my own existence).

2. That it isn't a Greene Holiday unless something weird is happening- This time, we made growing rocks? Magic rocks? You put little nuggets in skin burning acid that should be nowhere near newspaper, skin, or anything else which was ever alive,and they start spouting little speleothems. So, not sure what that means, but I am pretty sure it is what hell looks like, in a cute little container. Also, people played a green bean can, because it is classy.

Only now that I review this blog do I realize the dinosaur is in the background of this picture. But he loves music as much as anybody.

3. The Pops Concert- Traditionally, this is when I have my nervous breakdown because I am sure we have let everyone down and I am frustrated with how I can't be everywhere at once. The Boy gets angry because he didn't win a fruit basket or Gahr's hamloaf. At the same time, the music is great, we get to sing along to Christmas songs (announced this year!), and I even got to sit with my cousin Patrick and my brother. This will forever be my favorite kickoff to the Christmas season.

4. This picture- These two are hilarious together, and it is actually shocking how many ways they are alike. I still remember them sitting together as toddlers in the front basket of the 4-wheeler. Shawnie is a Texas cheerleader now (that's no joke) and Zach is a big baseball star. Who can also hula hoop like a boss. They got us hooked on instagram, and I feel like they should live down the road from each other forever, because they crack me up.

5. Putting up the Christmas tree- You know how you are doing it right? About half of your ornaments have to be ridiculous (my favorite of these may have been yarn tied to a toy, courtesy of Petey), you have to have at least a few random things that you don't even know where they came from, and most importantly, you have to talk about all the ornaments as they go up. I feel like doing this with The Boy's family (for the first time!) made me smile so much, because they are super sentimental too!
6. Instagram- oy. This is a drug I should have just stayed away from, but Windows phone added the app two weeks ago, and it is weirdly addicting. Odd because it isn't all that different from  lots of the other things I already use. Also odd, because I am not sure I enjoy hipster filters. Have you followed me yet?
7. Mafia- We were hitting a cousin game stall, then Natalie led everyone in a game of Mafia and people were begging their parents to not have to go home yet. Have I mentioned yet how much I love these people in this picture? Because I freaking love my cousins.
8. The Mistletones- God bless my sister-in-law. When she picks a horrible ABC Christmas special, tells us we all have to watch us, and dares us not to like it, she turns out to be completely right. Like 100%. That movie was awful, but just chilling on the couch with them and laughing about Tori Spelling was exactly what I needed. It is truly an awful movie, for the record.

9. Hunting talk- Who knew there was so much to say and buy to go sit out in the snow and shoot at deer? If you want to kill a deer in Western Pennsylvania, really you just need to get in your car and drive for five minutes, because you will see one cross the road at least once a day this time of year. We kept yelling to them to get to Ohio, but at least two of my family members have already got their deer, so apparently the deer did not heed our advice.

10. Staying up until 2 when we have to leave for the airport at 3:30-I am glad we aren't grown up enough yet to make mature, responsible decisions. Maturity is overrated. On the other hand, pretzels and late night chats are grossly underrated. The trip couldn't have ended in a nicer way.

11. Our Thankful garland- We were adding to it when the supershuttle came to pick us up early, so we finished when we got back off the demon shuttle of hell. One thing I will never ever be thankful for? Supershuttle. Still, you have to love a project this small that takes a week and a half to finish.
12. Lazy days at home- The Boy reverts to his 16 year old self when we go home, so it is nice when we get back here and can just focus on each other, pizza, and how ridiculous How I Met Your Mother has been this season.

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