10 Goals for 2013- How'd We Do?

by - Saturday, December 28, 2013

 Ok, so I have been dreading this post, because I thought it would be a shit show, but I am pleasantly surprised to see how many of my stated goals were actually fulfilled by a change of vocation and perspective. I feel like there may be a day where I return to my PhD, but I already feel more confident that because of years like this one, it would look very different the second time around.

I told someone this summer that every year has been harder and better than the one before it, and that is so true for me, at least so far. This year has been crazy difficult and amazingly wonderful all in one, so the goals I set and the year I had don't exactly jive, but I mostly feel really good about that. 

So, are there some depressing moments on here? Well, yeah. But I also feel good about the progress I have made as a human being, if not as a functional adult with a real functional adult type of job. So let's get to it!

1. Put the value on the fruit of my labor, stop being so attached to things that I know are holding me back- So when I wrote this, I was specifically considering how to deal with my grammatical deficiencies, all the sins in my syntax. I didn't conquer this issue, and I have taken a break on trying to, because I think my crushed confidence and wimpy prose were codependent bedfellows. So, on a simple surface level, this was a big fail. But another line of my goal rings truer to this year's larger mission- “This year, the goal is to be more effective in what I choose to care about.” BLAMO. I think this was a huge shift in my self-perception this year; rather than continue to put tremendous stock in my weaknesses, I chose to care about the things I am good at and building on those strengths. I think I still have a ways to go in terms of putting value on my own labor, but I think I am in a much more honest place about what parts of my labor are actually valuable to me.

2. Go to Africa-We did this! Egypt still was not in a place where we could visit without killing our mothers, but I think our detour to Kenya was a huge blessing. We went on safari, for goodness sakes! Also, I only have one continent left to see at 27 years old, so that is not too bad.

3. Get into a healthy and productive routine- Eh, I had good days and I had bad days. It is a stretch to give myself a healthiness badge after the week I have just had. That would include lots of sitting around, chocolates, and not enough sleep. So, we have some room to grow here.

4. Rebuild Confidence in Ways that aren't just bullshit ego-building- Man, this year I need to make more concrete goals! This is hard to gauge, but I feel like I am headed in the right direction here. The criteria at play match what I actually care about much more, so that can only help.

5. Learn to knit-I did this! I can pull off a kickass scarf now, but I may need to branch out into hats or cutesy stuffed animals and such, because the world only needs so many scarves. Also, we can't tell what the gentleman in the background is doing.

6. Be kinder to others and be a better listener- Ahhhh, blech. Not sure if I succeeded at this or not. I certainly had a wider emotional wavelength to lend to other people. I know for sure that I was better to the Boy, but just being nice to the person you promised to be nice to may not count as putting genuine good work into your own character. I tried. I tried really hard, but I am sure I could have done better.

7. Get one teaching job-HA! This resolution has to be my favorite, because I certainly fulfilled the goal (three times over), but I am not sure this is what I had in mind!Still, I think this one was a total success. If I can throw in a community college teaching job on top of this kind of business in 2014, I think my career will pretty much be the happiest.

8. Make more, consume less-  I think I made more and consumed more. Or I figured out more ways to do both all the time? I am not sure about this, and before I went to write this, I thought I would set this as a goal for next year, so obviously I am not feeling victorious on this particular issue. More music, less tv. More writing, less reading of things I know have no purpose (hello, entertainment weekly!).

9. At least 3 big ones off the Bucket List- OOoooooh baby, this is another one that I hit out of the park. I got five things off the list!
 Volunteer on a Regular Basis- For the last eight months, I have volunteered at least 3 days a week. I should have started doing it 5 years ago. I would have been so much happier.
Go on Safari- This is actually listed twice, which is a Barbiefail, but it also means I can count it twice, right?
Take a Cooking Class- I am saying a cake decorating class counts.
Spend a Whole Week Just Reading What I Want to Read- I spent a whole 6 months doing that! Fiction and I have been reunited, and you know, it does feel so good.

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge- We made it 2/3rds of the way. I am still hoping to walk the whole way across and back before we leave San Francisco.
10.Sell a photograph-If you count my loving and very supportive father, grandmother, aunt, and brother-in-law, I succeeded. If you wouldn't count my family members, then this one was less of a success. Maybe next year?

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