Fashion Inspiration for October (and What Worked in September)

by - Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fashion Inspiration for October
My goal for October, clothing wise, is to continue my mission of dressing for work in a way that people can guess I am an employee not a visitor. I will also continue to not be that stylish, because even if I tried REALLY hard, I work with people who really have it together so that is not going to happen. I am just excited for boots and sweaters, and this is some of my Pinterest inspiration.



We are also going to the Boy's cousin's wedding this month, which based on her regular everyday style, I am guessing is going to be really nice. So here is the question. If you are going to a fall-themed wedding, what color do you wear? Because fall covers a lot of ground, and I don't want to accidentally look like a wannabe bridesmaid. So I decided on green, because I am currently into green and if you get the right color, it can look fallish without being orange or red. Here are some pretty green dresses I saw while poking around:

From here
 This is EXPENSIVE for a dress (and it is a rough look for a girl with nunjas) , but I thought it was pretty.
Camille Belle is rocking this green cocktail dress. This inspires me to try lipstick again, until I remember that I feel like a clown hooker every time I put some on.
From Neiman Marcus
I love a dress with pleats, because I am still waiting to have my Ginger Rogers Swing Time moment. This is another really beautiful one, but it is also really expensive.

Asos had some really pretty green dresses too. I really liked these two.

I tried one dress that was a mess (I can't find it right now), and I settled on this number from modcloth. I think it is very pretty and can probably double as the Christmas dress, which will be nice.

What Worked in September

 September was all about learning to dress like an art teacher at an art museum, so you have to balance looking professional and enjoying being creative. You don't need to look too stuffy in this particular position, but I still want to look like I have my stuff together. I think in general I have been doing alright, but these are the only pictures I got this month. The one on the right I took just because I was excited to be wearing my Kazuri Bead necklace, but then I covered it up. Ooops! Anyway, the idea is to look slightly more like a grown up without boring myself to death.

 I didn't buy anything this month, but the Boy was a peach and bought me a coat, because the buttons were falling off the one I have had for 4 or 5 years. I feel like a very fancy detective in this coat, so I am pretty psyched about it (that is a pun, if you know that we are currently watching Psych, which now you do, so welcome to this not particularly good joke!). Otherwise, September was all about trying to pretend it was fall, and ending my days very gross and sweaty. Because September is the hottest month where we live. On the bright side, it is actual fall now! Give me a crime (preferably outdoors) so I can go solve it in my fancycoat!

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