6 Things- While The Boy was Gone

by - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

1. Amy Poehler's Smart Girl Party Tumblr- Incredibly cool, and it makes me wish I was nearly as on point as she is. Also, I should probably be on tumblr, but as of now, I am not. Pinterest and this blog pretty much take up all of my time.
2. Just driving- Monday, I drove all over creation. I went to both airports and I drove to Half Moon Bay to have lunch, just because I could. It was fun and felt free, though it made me self-concious that I still have a few days with not enough activity in it.

3. This speech- Let John Cleese inspire your day.
4. Aliens- Specifically, Sigourney Weaver's performance for the first 15 minutes. She is great in all of it, but she KILLS the first fifteen minutes. My Dad bought me those movies months ago, but I am glad that I waited until the same week I saw Gravity, because no two movies were ever as perfectly matched. Hopefully I will write about this later.
5. Junie B Jones- Why has Junie not been part of my life before? Teaching 3rd graders to read with these books seems odd to me, because Junie has some real grammar issues, but the stories are fun and reading with them pretty much makes my day.
6. Bitch media- This site makes me happy, and I find lots of great feminist music there- http://bitchmagazine.org/front?page=1 This is a long time favorite, but I figure it is due a shout out.

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