My Top 100 Favorite Foods- Part 5

by - Sunday, September 22, 2013

We've reached the end again!

1. Leonardo’s bread- This is the best thing that ever existed in the history of the world. It deserves every hyperbole, because it is just that good. Whenever we get home, I will poke around my in-laws house just looking for bread. I do this enough that they always know what I am looking for. In my dream world, I would get to eat this bread all of the time, or I would be made of this bread, or my house would be made of this bread. This bread tastes delicious, but it is also a symbol of home, dinners with my dad, just being in Franklin, and the family that I am so proud to be a part of. It's just the best ever.

2. Lasagna- It was my favorite thing my mom made me when I was a kid, and now it is my favorite thing my husband makes. Lasagna weeks are treats.

3. Those potato cakes thingies from Peru- Micro Greens! Why are micro greens so good? Peru was our best trip ever in terms of food, and Fallen Angel stood out as the best food experience. We ate in a gay club on a bathtub filled with fish and covered in glass. We had these, which we can't even name exactly, but we still talk about. It was seared potato, grilled prawns, micro greens, and some sort of sauce. It doesn't sound like anything that special, but it was!

4. Stuffing and Crescent rolls- These go together because they are the powerhouse team that makes Thanksgiving the super food holiday that it is. I think my Dad makes my favorite stuffing (I miss when he and I made Thanksgiving meals), but its not often I come across a spoonful of stuffing that I don't love. Also, crescent rolls are the height of pillsbury awesome. Please, no one ever tell me if there is something really unethical going on at Pillsbury. I will never forgive you.

5. Cinnammon Rolls- Simple, easy, and delicious. The only thing that I can really make well. I wish they weren't so horrible for you, or I would make them all the time. Maybe it is around time to make them again? I read about pumpkin spice ones that might be amazing.

6. Inka Fe Chocolate Cake - Not complete without Shania Twain playing behind it. This cake was chocolatey and rich and moist. The ice cream was so vanilla-y. I know that sounds odd, but its not often that vanilla has a punchy taste that really gets your attention, but this did. I hope someday (namely our 25th wedding anniversary) we can go back to this cafe and eat this cake again.

7. The Chairman’s Braised Pork Sandwich- If you just pick three random posts off this blog, at least one of them will be about how much I love this sandwich. We go to food trucks (Moveable Feast) every Friday for a date night. I make everyone try it, but it is so good!

8. Clam Chowder- Oh soup. This picture does not look that appetizing, but it really is good. Usually, we sprinkle it with 1/4 a piece of bacon and parsley. This is another one where we eat it for a whole week, and it never gets old.

9. My Mom’s Apple Pie- Janet is a pie master. You can't handle all of this brown sugar cinnamon goodness.  I revisit trying to make this pie at least a few times a year, because i really want to make it as good as she does.

10. Putengrillspieß with Pommes Frittes at Selbstverstaendlich- This was our favorite place to eat when we lived in Vienna. It was really yummy chicken and fries, so nothing too exotic, but it was delicious. The Wieners really know how to fry some food. Their french fries were so good too.

 11. Chili- The Boy makes the best chili of all time. I actually don't really like chili in most cases, because I am no fan of beans. I mostly just don't get them. Also, I don't eat beef or most red meats. Therefore, chili should not work for me. But the Boy's is all veggies and corn and amazingness. I would highly recommend it to my friends, but never to my enemies. My enemies do not deserve this chili.

12. Moffitt Cookies- All sugar cookies are good, but they really can't be the best unless at least one of them looks like pac man and another is wildly inappropriate (as in it may be the actual opposite of the Christmas spirit- vampires, headless chalie brown, the Mars Rover, all sorts of seedy things!).
13. Cheddar Bay Bisquits- The people at Red Lobster are geniuses. What else needs to be said.

14. Cascal Paella- mmm paella. I was going to say the best part is the saffron rice. But that leaves out the saffron rice with peas and green peppers. And then the REAL best part is when the rice, peas, and peppers are baked into the mussel shells and they get all crispy and stuff. Paella is a big hot pot of delicious things.

 15. Waffles- waffles to me are home and coziness and happiness and carbohydrates. Bonus if they have ice cream on them. The other bonus would be cinnammon and brown sugar in the batter.

16. Crab Cakes- The Boy makes the best crab cakes that are pan seared, but I like the fried ones too. These are the world's largest crab cakes, which we had up by the National Redwood Forest. They were basically the size of our face. They are the perfect combination of seafood, bread, and other things I probably just don't want to know about. They are so yummy!
17. Cherries- Why are cherries the best tasting fruit and everything that is cherry flavored is absolutely disgusting? Why is the universe so strange? May through July is the best here, because we can get amazing fresh cherries on the cheap at the farmer's market on Saturday, which I usually have finished by Tuesday. I would genuinely not be surprised if I learned that I died from cherry pit choking. And it would be worth it.
18. Crab Legs- Do you know that they are actually really low calorie? I am sure there are other things wrong with them, but if you tell me I will never forgive you. Ever. We tried making them once at the house, and it was a mixed bag. On some wonderful Christmas Eves, the Boy's family makes them for Christmas Eve dinner. Life genuinely does not get better than Christmas Eve and Crab Legs.
19. Nana’s Brownies- My Nana makes the best brownies in the whole world. She sent me some in a care package when I was in Vienna, and I shared them with Andre, and he still asks after those brownies. She made brownies for our wedding cookie table, and everyone LOVED them. I have no idea what she puts in them, it may just be the power of her love and nananess, but those brownies deserve their own cult following. I don't generally even like brownies (really? why would you want chewy cake with no frosting when you can just have cake?), but I would probably resort to violence for one of these brownies.
20. Milka Chocolate Bars- Forget all the museums and art and culture and so forth. Milka is the best thing I got from studying abroad in Europe. These chocolate bars basically make my life. If we are ever fighting, give me one of these (the triolade is my favorite, but i have never found them in the US), and we will be friends again. Milka is the key to peace on Earth.

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