My 100 Favorite Foods- Part Two

by - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I am suddenly feeling very self-conscious about how many of these are treats. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

61. Disneyland Turkey Sandwich- The french just made a stink about the food at the French Disneyworld. Clearly, they do not have these turkey sandwiches there. I am sure it is loaded with all sorts of nonsense to make it so juicy and delicious, but it is so juicy and delicious!! I had such fond memories of this sandwich from the first time we went to Disneyland, and this time, it was just as good as i remembered. This is a sandwich that doesn't disappoint. 

62. Voortman Cookies- I used to just love them during lent, when I couldn't have chocolate, but now I am happy to have them whenever. I think you fools on the East Coast don't recognize how lucky you are to have such delicious wafer cookies! That standard is not upheld everywhere. All we have are horrible ones with that little elf guy on the front. Not even comparable. 

63. Red Velvet Snow Ball Cake- The first cake I ever made completely from scratch, and it still holds up as our December 13th tradition. I think it is developed from the Magnolia Bakery recipe? And I skip the cream cheese and do straight butter cream. I am pretty proud of this cake, though it is a lot of cake for the two of us.

64. Grilled Cheese with Bacon- We have this almost every Sunday for lunch, before we break and clean the heck out of our apartment. You would think the correlation with house work would dull its appeal, but I do love a tradition, especially a tradition with bacon.

65. Kailua pork quesadillas from Huggos- I mostly don't get that excited about Hawaiian food (though I do love seafood), but Huggos on the rocks has these awesome, crispy quesadillas with traditional Hawaiian pork inside. It is a good example of fusion food that works, and it isn't too cheesy or greasy, which generally I hate about quesadillas. I think I have gotten them 3 visits in a row. 

66. Mashed Potatoes- Mmmm... We really didn't do mashed potatoes very much growing up, so I associate these with my Mother-in-law and her house. Everybody loves mashed potatoes (and scalloped potatoes) at their house. This is how I know I married into the right family- they also have a deep love of carbs!

67. Etoufee from NOLA- This is a new one on the list. This etoufee (I may be spelling this wrong- if so, I apologize!) is spicy and seafoody and comes with lots of white rice. It is a winner. I especially like the tiny scallops inside it, which you can't see in the picture, but are really tasty.

68. Mac n Cheese with Cauliflower- I cannot remember how I ate mac n cheese without cauliflower in it. On Pinterest, they love to substitute cauliflower for everything. I am not sure that is effective, but this recipe, as made by the Boy really is yummy. The sweetness of the cauliflower goes well with the cheese. And it is the kind of thing I am hopeful we can pull on our kids, but who knows if that will actually be effective. 

69. Sugar Snap Peas- Perfect snack. Never gets old. Bring a bag of snap peas with you to lunch, and you will be sharing with everybody. 

70. Soft Pretzels- This could be anywhere. I had an awesome soft pretzel in Salzburg once. I also had a really good one out the car window in San Diego. I also love the ones at the San Francisco Zoo. It is really hard to get them wrong (though I think the Auntie Ann's brand is grossly buttery), and they are just so good. I try to get them at the airports when I can. They are a good snack.

71. Oreo Milkshake at the Corner Room or Baby’s- These are some of my favorite State College food memories. Lunches at Baby's (especially with Aunt Joanna) or evening chats with Oreo milkshakes. I am pretty sure I would get them at the Corner Room as well, but I am not sure. As I sit here now, I would be so happy to be sitting in State College, drinking an Oreo milkshake. Also, glad I missed the vast majority of the Penn State party scene with after dinner trips to Eat n Park or Baby's. Clearly, I had picked my poison.

72. Jerk Chicken- Yummy, spicy, and fatty. My favorite (thus far) is at Coconuts, but there isn't anything else there to make us come back. We would have to eat a lot of this chicken (this isn't to say we wont do it at some point).

73. Jersey Mike’s Ham Sub- Yes, I partially associate Jersey Mike's with slicing off the top of my finger. Not the greatest memory. On the other hand, the sandwiches there really are delicious (much better than Subway).  Try it Mike's Way. Also, I really like their bread, and if I have learned anything from making this list, it is that the only thing that really matters to me is bread. Does anyone else really miss the days when white bread and pasta was the whole bottom of the food pyramid? It was the most important thing? Oh the wonderful, wonderful memories. 

74. Breaded pork chops- Mmmm delicious. The Boy used to make this one a lot before we were trying to be healthy. I kind of miss it.

75. Scallop Sliders- I had these somewhere on Highway 1 between Big Sur and Monteray. Nearby, a very old woman was singing about making love. Not far from that, a little bird was eating my scraps. It was pretty magical, now that I think back. These little gems were scallops, a grilled bun, tomato, lettuce, and onion. They convinced me that maybe I don't hate scallops as much as I thought I did. In fact, I actually really like them. Plus, I got to eat sliders, which is not the norm when you won't eat beef.

76. Watermelon- Summer is eating a giant circular slice of watermelon, preferably on my Dad's back porch. It is so fresh and light and wonderful. It is just summer in fruit form.

77. The Boy’s Pizza- He has been on his pizza game lately! Pillsbury whole wheat crust, lots of sauce, onion, giant chunks of garlic, hot sausage, and green and red peppers. I have been craving this pizza basically on a daily basis. It is so good.

78. Turkey Taco Salad- Healthy and so pretty. I love a colorful salsa and spinach and turkey meat. Extra bonus excitement if there are baked tortilla chips in it too. 

79. Hot dogs- Ugh, this is part of why I could never really become a pescatarian (other than the iron and protein issues). Once a year, on America's birthday, I need to eat a hot dog. I know they are just the worst, least ethical food in the world, and yet they taste so delicious!! Once a year, when The Boy buys them, I try to just walk in the other direction, so I don't have to think about it. I recognize how horrible this is, but they are worth it for that one day.

80. Eat n Park cookies- Classics! Usually they are smiley faces, but I like these dinosaur ones. These just taste like home, and it is a HUGE treat when my Dad sends us a box here. It's another one of those things you really appreciate when it's gone- California doesn't really have an Eat n Park or King's equivalent- the closest you get is Denny's, which doesn't even compare.

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