My 100 Favorite Foods- Part Four

by - Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh yeah! Ok, I'm behind, but it happens, right?

21. Grilled Salmon and Veggies- I have had this meal a thousand times at a bunch of different restaurants (this is a particularly good one from Mustard's Grill in Napa). It is my go to menu item, and there are lots of different ways to do it really right. It is like the favorite pair of jeans for my diet. Also, salmon is just delicious.
22. Pomegranate Pick Me Up from Jamba Juice- Nothing else has made me appreciate bitterness and sweetness as a combo (I know other people love that sort of thing, but I usually love sweet). This is my favorite drink and it is so good.

 23. Pork and Asparagus Stir Fry- This is the first meal we made in our apartment after we moved in, and it is still one of my favorites. You know this is true, because I actually work way harder as sous chef/ dish girl than The Boy does as chef, and I still ask for it all the time. The recipe is from the Nest (though we have tinkered with it a little bit over the years) if you are interested in trying it.

24. Grilled Italian Chicken- My Dad makes this on Fourth of July and it is so tasty. You wouldn't think just sticking some chicken in salad dressing would be a home run, but this one still is. Also, The Boy's brother makes life changing amazing barbeque chicken, which I am still trying to get the recipe to, but with no success.

25. Mussels in Garlic Broth- Andre and I split a bucket of clams and a bucket of mussels the last Vienna reunion in Maine. He ordered the mussels, so he wins the award for best taste, because they were the best mussels I ever ate. Very garlicy and soft. Not a showstopper like the 2 lb lobsters, but I still thought those mussels were a treat!

26. Hobee’s Coffee Cake- I will spend the rest of my life trying to duplicate the magic of these cakes. Whenever I try to make their cinnammon, brown sugar, and blueberry goodness, I cannot get them nearly as moist or delicious as the ones you can buy in the restaurant. Someday, I will figure out the secret of this cake, and it will be magical. Or, I will just keep going to Hobee's to get a fruit plate and this cake.
27. Mashwi from Dish Dash- Dish Dash is one of my absolute favorite Bay Area restaurants, and I love the Mashwi, which is a white fish and the best grilled prawns ever. I think you can never go wrong with Turkish food, and Dish Dash's pita bread is basically my favorite addition. I can eat like 2 baskets of that and the grilled prawns and be happy with my life.
28. AmaZing Catering Tortellinis- The Boy had us cater the rehearsal dinner, and I am so glad he did. We had these teeny littly green tortellinis that i still think about from time to time. They were the official failure of my day before diet, and it was totally worth it.

29. Grilled Pineapples- Why is this so good??? It like amplifies the pineapple taste. Grilled pineapple just tastes more like pineapple, if that makes any sense. It is the perfect dessert to any summer meal.

30. Leonardo’s Pizza- In high school (even before I started dating The Boy), all I ever wanted for dinner was a cheese slice and orange pop. As a kid, I can remember watching a man (probably my future father in law) tossing the dough and making the pizza. My brother and I waved at him until he waved back. I would do a lot to just come home and have a slice of that pizza now!

31. Quaker Steak Hot Wings- This is a Pennsylvania staple. The Lube does wings so well, and I miss them now that I am stuck somewhere in which you can't find good wings to save your life. I also loved their soft pretzels (throwback!). All together, this is not a healthy meal, but I feel it is good for the soul? Healing? Filled with friendship and Chicken? Oh, and they have tons of flavors, but I like the hot ones.
32. Chicken Mishwi Salad from Aladdin’s- Another Turkish/Mediterranean dish! Second only to Peruvian! This is my favorite restaurant in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. When The Boy went to Carnegie Mellon, we would go there on dates. They had really great fresh squeezed orange juice. The salad was so fresh and the chicken was blackened and juicy. Plus, feta cheese.
33. Pag’s Fruit Salad- I love all fruit salad, but my Dad's is the best. He has very specific theories of its balance and how the melons are the lettuce of fruit salad. He would have to explain it to you himself, but I assure you, that man can rock a fruit salad.

34. Pea Pancakes- We had them at Bistro Elan the one time we went there. We basically ordered them because they sounded so bizarre. They were basically the greatest thing ever. I know you think I am crazy, but they taste so fresh and really make you appreciate the wonder of peas. Now, The Boy makes them for me for my birthday week, usually once in the summer while peas are fresh, and whenever he is in need of Boyfriend points. They are really good with basil and vegetables, maybe a salad.

35. Tomato Salad - This is another one I fell in love with at my in-laws house. The formula is tomatoes, red onion, cheese (feta or mozzarella), olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pepper. For like six months, I ate this every day for lunch (my Aunt Ann bought us the best balsamic vinegar of all time, but we ran out, so that is sad). Still a delicious classic.
36. Ted’s Fried Clams- When you get your basket of fried clams at Ted's, and you take your first bite, you are sure you did not order enough of these little fried morsels of clamy heaven. Then, when you are about two thirds of the way through, you are sure that you will never ever need to eat them ever again. Yet, they are so good, you finish them anyway. this is the beauty and the battle of Ted's Clam Shack. It doubles your weight, but it is kind of worth it.
37. Papas a la Huancaina- Peruvians do pretty much all food better than everybody else, but they really take the cake on two things- corn and potatoes. Papas a la Huancaina is like cheesy potatoes and baked potatoes and awesomeness all in one. We ate these basically every day in Peru and when we try a new Peruvian restaurant, we use these as a gauge of how good it is. I skip the olive, but the Boy usually eats it for me. Also, this is a heavy meal, so you can probably share it.

38. Kiwis- I cut them in half and spoon the fruit out. They make me happy.

39. Leonardo’s Chicken Alfredo- For a very long time, I only ate this meal when I went to the restaurant. I could only finish half of it, so I would get the rest to go, and slowly there was a huge alfredo graveyard in my dad's fridge. I still love it, but now that we eat so much healthier, it is a once a trip kind of treat.

40. Lobster Roll- We get these at Sam's Chowder House and their truck. This lobster roll is perfectly buttery, but they skip the mayo, so it tastes fresh and light (even though I am sure it is not). We show it off to people when they come to visit us, and it is always a hit (come visit us and we will take you too!). I also start craving these, and will brave the epic line at food trucks to have one again.

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