Menu Monday- Kissing Summer Food Goodbye

by - Monday, September 16, 2013

This week's menu is all about celebrating the stuff that is going out of season pretty soon. In a few weeks, The Boy will start lying to me about what is at the grocery store because he was horrified at how expensive it was. So I need to enjoy my cheap corn while it lasts.

Sunday- Grilled shrimp salad with corn salsa- you know it is a good meal when it looks this pretty. The Boy kicks butt at grilled shrimp, and everything is delicious. Yummy.
Monday-Turkey burgers! We do them with bacon and guacomole, so there are actually not bad at all. I think we will probably do mashed potatoes and grilled veggies? Not sure what the actual plan on that is.
Tuesday- Cascal!!! It's paella time!
Wednesday- Turkey burgers again! These are a twofer. I am campaigning to try them with taco seasoning and the rest of the corn salsa.
Thursday- Shrimp fajitas! Oh yeah, maybe the salsa goes into these? Maybe we just need more salsa. I love that corn salsa. Or, The Boy will be sick of cooking, and we will go get sushi. One of those.

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