6 Things for Yesterday and Today- Keeping it Real Boring

by - Saturday, September 07, 2013

1. Days at home- I know this is totally spoiled princess thing, but every so often it is nice to spend an entire day away from anyone, doing work at home. It was nice, but it will be over after this week!
2. Pictures from New York Fashion week- I love seeing the clothes; it makes me happy.

3. Cream- This ice cream sandwich place just opened in Palo Alto, but is apparently a chain in the Bay Area. You have to stand in a massive line- in fact, we gave up on it a month or so ago when the line was the whole block long. We made it this time, and it was pretty good. I like treatbot better, but I was pretty impressed that these were only 2.50! This makes them basically the cheapest thing in Palo Alto.

4. Celebrating 4 years living together! Yep, another anniversary. We spent this one fighting an army of spiders, painting shelves, and shampooing the carpets. So romance. Anniversary day is almost always a work day. Usually we get to end the day with a clean apartment and sense of satisfaction, but this is a two day challenge, so alas it is still chaos up in here. Is it weird that I find it kind of fun to just keep coming up with ways to keep our apartment livable, even though I swear we have twice as much junk as we did when we moved in. Still, it looks more like us every time we have one of these spurts of productivity, so that makes me happy. Plus, I feel like some day I will really miss when things were this simple.

5. Clean carpets!!! We aren't technically allowed to shampoo the carpets, but I am glad we were crazy rebels and did. I wish we had done it sooner, because It no longer looks like a murder scene in our apartment. Seriously, this is all the excitement today had for us.
6. Embracing being boring- I don't even feel a little bad about it. Sometimes, being boring is just needed.

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