6 Things for Yesterday and the Day Before

by - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From madbetty.com
 1. Our Idiot Brother- I kind of liked this movie, even though it isn't all that great about women, to be honest. Really, the only essentially good woman is the mom (and she was cute!). Oh! And Rashida Jones, because obviously she is the bomb, and she should dress like that all of the time, she looks adorable. Still, it was a sweet little movie and a nice thing to watch on a Monday morning while I got caught up on emails.
2. Lasagna- Why does it just get better everyday? It doesn't seem possible, and yet it is true. I love it.
3. Full Days at Home- I am getting all ready for the next round of crazy busy times, which will start in a couple of days. Thank goodness for a bit of a break.
4. Even the Good Ones are Sometimes Dumb- You think, ever ten years, you have someone trained, then he says something really dumb about your looks. At the worst possible time. At this point, I shouldn't be surprised, and yet. What a goober. At least when he gives me an actual compliment, we will know it to be true.
5. Having our apartment back in some kind of order- The bookshelf is reloaded with stuff and we can see our dining room table again. We even hung some new pictures! I might do even more today. Also, we are running out of wall space, but I like that our apartment is over
6. Label Makers- Man, those things are awesome. I cleaned out Moorman Studio at the Cantor yesterday, and beyond leaving me with a real sense of actually finishing a task, it left me with a totally newfound love of label makers. Those things make everything feel organized.

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