30 Day Lady Challenge- Day 14

by - Saturday, September 07, 2013

Day 14- Someone whose smile makes you smile.-Aubrey

Our niece Aubrey's smile and laugh are just about the best in the world. She would also win for the best pronunciation of the word sixty six. Aubrey will probably be the youngest person mentioned in this challenge- she is only 3, but she has enough personality to solidly hold her place. And look at that smile! So cute. 

Part of what makes Aubrey's smiling and silliness so wonderful is that it really represents a big opening up of her personality. Unlike her brother, who was screaming laughing at a ponytail at 3 months, Aubrey was mostly a very serious baby. She always looked concerned and slightly annoyed (see above picture). She has always just been sassy and a hoot, but in a more serious way.

Despite her tough infant exterior, Wobby has always had a weird soft spot for the people around her. She is funny (and she has really always been this way) that she won't seem to care one way or the other about someone being around, and then she gets very upset when they leave. This is especially true for her brother, and even though they mostly entertain themselves by driving the other one crazy, she really hates to part ways with him.

Now that she is a little bit older, she will scream for you when you walk into another room or just go to the bathroom. This is her being very mad at us for leaving for Peepa's graduation. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the Charlie Brown music underneath. She calls everyone "hers"- her daddy, her Hera, her Barbar. She has huge soft spots for both of her parents, though she doesn't always show it. She is exactly like her mother in that you will never see or hear how much they like a person until they left the room.

Also like her mother, Wobby is just a tough cookie who does what she damn well pleases. She will not suffer fools and would never play cute just because she senses that is what the grown ups want from her (another great reason she and her brother would be great for some sibling study- he is the ultimate pleaser, and she could care less if you are happy with her). This makes her hilarious. Her parents bribed her to potty train by saying she wouldn't get to come on vacation if she didn't poop in the potty. She only did it for the week before and during vacation, and when they got back, she immediately quit. When I asked her about it, she said "Yeah, I pooped in the potty" as if it was a been there, done that kind of thing. She isn't disobedient as much as she is just unconcerned with what you want at all.

Her sass and seriousness actually make her smile that much brighter, because for the first two and a half years, it was such a rarity. Just hearing her laugh or smile was so exciting, and it was a fun challenge to see what would make her happy. From what I can tell, she likes dancing, roughhousing, getting her picture taken, and beating her brother at everything (she is so tough/ scary, he basically lets her win). Everyone thinks I am a sucker, but I will play duck duck goose a thousand times with her, because it is so fun to see her squeal and laugh while she runs. 

It is wonderful to see both her tough and her happy sides, because we know she has a tough road ahead of her in terms of her health. For that reason alone, I think God gave her exceptional crazy strength and willpower. Even as a toddler, it is somehow clear she can handle it.

Now I could praise lots of other things about her- she really is a beautiful child. Her hair keeps getting longer and curlier, and she actually does look like a cherub (look closely at her in the top picture if you don't believe me). But its her personality- the sterness and the smiley silliness- that makes her a pretty spectacular child. It makes her a very fun person to know well.

in the past six months or so (after a few medical issues were cleared up), Wobbygirl Alfeo really started to show her silly nerdy hilarious sides, and it is so fun to see! One night in Las Vegas, she told the Boy and I some hilarious stories, and I had never seen her so giddy. When I went home last month, she cracked me up sticking her butt in the air and talking about her diaper ("Put your feet into my diaper"). It is crazy hilarious to hear what has been on her mind all this time. 3 year olds are the best, and a smile has never looked more beautiful than on this one.

So here's to you, Wobbygirl Alfeo. For having the world's cutests lisp. For being so tough that I am still really afraid of you. For chasing the cat around, for standing up to the world's most hyper boxer, for telling my dad your heart is broken. For being hilarious and making us laugh, even when you aren't trying. For having a beautiful smile that makes us appreciate having such good and happy times. I am so lucky to get to be your aunt and godmother and to get to watch you grow up! You are beautiful!

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