3 Things I am Grateful For From Yesterday

by - Thursday, September 12, 2013

From movies.newyorktimes.com
1. Somewhere Between- This is a really beautiful documentary, and it really made me think about the complexities of adoption in ways that I never have before. I also cried for like 60% of the whole movie. It is really moving, and I thought the filmmaker was so respectful to each of the girls and their stories. I would highly recommend this film (also on Netflix!)
2. Reading people's 9-11 stories- I feel like this moment allows everyone to construct a giant oral history of this one day and event. It paints this amazing picture, and even though it is incredibly sad, I find that every year, people reflect in a way that is more and more positive and productive. I only saw one really stupid and nasty thing on Facebook, so I think that is a win.

3.  Petey!!!- He went from being my favorite 5 year old to my favorite 6 year old. His mom put up a picture of him on facebook, and he just looks so old! He is such a kid now. He looks so grown up. Now I understand why grown ups said things like that to me when I was a kid.

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