3 Things- Honest Conflict, Firthglances, and Playboy Hackers

by - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1. Honest conflict- Is this a real thing?  I want to read something substantive about the shift in attitudes where the bad guy in any situation is the person who addresses the conflict head on. I have been watching friends passively pick at one another or just other people for TOO LONG. It is so much easier, especially when you are a woman, to be pleasant and secretively hateful rather than to just say what they actually think. I am relatively positive that this dynamic is at least partially to blame for my recent academic failings, because we were both too polite to say how much it wasn't working until it was completely dead and broken. I refuse to live this way! If I have beef with someone, I really will just say something. I'm not going to pull hair- my life has yet to devolve into an episode of the Bad Girl's Club. If the other person doesn't have the courage to address the issue with some kindness, vulnerability, and depth, I will back off, but life is too short for the amount of petty nonsense that seems to be floating around recently.

from www.imdb.com/name/nm0000147/

from www.imdb.com/title/tt2763122/

2. Chris Messina's Mr Darcy looks- Can we call this an official thing now, because it is everywhere! Darcylooks? Firthglances? Crabby man staring at heroine in a way that reveals his soft pining heart? Maybe that last one is too long, but this is a thing, and I am still a sucker for it. I still am not clear on what the Mindy Project is doing, but I will tune in to watch Chris Messina pine.
3. The Playboy Hacking- The whole thing is so interesting, because it is so close to real. At first, I thought the writing on the materials was a joke, like it would be so crazy for them to do this that they must be hacked. It is so realistic looking, and in some ways it really isn't critiquing Playboy but highlighting the ways it does allign with feminism. The whole incident is really bizarre, and you should read about it when you have the chance.

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