3 Things for Yesterday- Family Sunday, The Squirrel, and the Half-Blood Prince

by - Monday, September 16, 2013

1. Mask- making at the Cantor- Today I got to take the tour through the Cantor collection's mask 3 times (it is more fun than it sounds- the highlight was a child who told the docent he will NEVER use triangles. Hats off to you sir) and then got to assist while they made their own masks. I got to teach a kid to use scissors!

 2. This squirrel-Look at his hat! Just perfection. Can you tell we went decoration shopping yesterday? And it was only 2 dollars! Clearly I can't make too many of these purchases, but I am pumped about this one.
3.The sixth Harry Potter book- I thought #4 was my favorite (and 5 is clearly the least of the series) but I am 100 pages out from the end of the book, and it is so good!

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