3 Things for Today- Gag Reels, Random Durers, and Vaseline Spray & Go

by - Thursday, September 05, 2013

1.Parks and Recreation Gag Reel- Why is that Chris Pratt can be so gross and it only makes me love him more? I am pretty sure he is the only person on earth where that is true, and it is so true. Also, I would watch a full series of Perd Hapley movie reviews. They have been floating around everywhere, but if you haven't found it yet, just put it into youtube.

From Printperspective.com
2. Finding random (and legit) Durer prints while digging through Museum shelving- I am helping clean up the art studio at one of my new jobs, and I found a print very similar to this one in the pile. It was awesome! It was neat to see one so close up and to just feel like there are surprises waiting at every corner. Just so happy.
3.The Vaseline Spray and Go business- My sister-in-law loves the stuff, and she is the queen of lotions and so forth. She was right about this one. It is good stuff, covers really well, and doesn't make you feel all sticky or heavy or gross. Plus, right now I can moisturize my disgusting legs (did I mention that while in Hawaii giant mosquitos attacked my legs? I have 17 welt shaped bugbites on my legs. They are truly gross and keep getting weirder. I have no idea why mom's yard bugs turned on me, but they did in a big way).

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