3 Things- Cocijo, Whaleventures, and the Bay Area Bucket List

by - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1. Cocijo statues- Learning all about Zapotec culture today, specifically about how their deity of rain and lightning was basically the god of everything INCLUDING light and darkness. Can I turn this guy into a lesson about additive and subtractive shape? Time will tell.

2. Our Surprise Whale Watching Trip- We have been bored, so tonight we just drove to Santa Cruz, because we heard that the whales have been showing up in droves. We didn't see any whales. We also were going to get ice cream, but we didn't do that either. But it was still a success because we took a long drive together, sang along to ace of base, and got to put our feet in the ocean (ok, I did that).
3. Starting our Bay Area Bucket List- what would you put on your list of things to do in your area that you want to do again or never got to? If you know you only had one more year to enjoy a place, what would you have to do as much as you possibly could? These are the current issues being debated in our home today.

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