12 Things- Walking and Weekending with TP and Bry

by - Sunday, September 22, 2013

1.A Trunk full of cardboard- It is time to make stuff, people! Excited to be making materials for my class this coming week. this should be great! We will see!
2. How to recognize artists- My favorite thing Pag posted this week. Check it out here.
3.Early mornings on the Caltrain- I know I should hate having to get up by 5 to get on the train. But once I am on, it is so quiet and calm, and I just read my Harry Potter and listen to music. I also get to see the sunrise in San Francisco.
4. Figuring out how to pay for the Muni lightrail- Sometimes it is the little things in life, and I felt like a legit city girl working it out all by myself.

5.Thomas and Bry Visiting!!! We love visitors. Nothing makes us happier than having family with us, so it was great to end a long day with picking them up at the train station! Love these two!

6.Cinnamon powdered donuts-A good way to cushion the blow of a very early morning. This brand was really good too.

 7. Making it through the Walk to End Alzheimers in the pouring Rain-Well, we learned some valuable lessons and we built lots of character. Lots of it. It was kind of fun to have it be such an adventure, but I did feel bad for the organizers, because you could tell things were not holding together for them. The whole event seemed pared down in comparison to the year before, but I think maybe certain parts didn't show because the weather was what it was.

8. Mole people-Nothing like being soaking wet on the train and having your husband decide he is going to be king of the mole people. There was singing involved too. It was very glamorous, all in all.

9. Seeing Casablanca for the first time on the big screen- that movie basically lives up to the hype, which is pretty impressive considering what a big deal it is. I was shocked by how funny it was. The film is gorgeous to look at, especially the play of shadows and smoke. Somebody has to have written a paper on that already. There could probably be a whole edition of something on it.

10. Season 2 of New Girl- We skipped a lot of the second season, I do not remember why. It is pretty funny, but why can't they at least tie some of Winston's random quirks into the semblance of a plot arch or a back story or something? It is just bizarre, and the actor is so good, it seems like he deserves something a little bit more interesting to do.

11. Golfland Putt putt- It is a bizarre course because it is really badly themed and makes no effort to stick to it. Also, some of the holes are really hard! But we had fun anyway.

Found at philly.com
12. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the Emmy's- Why don't they host every single show? I would watch these two ladies heckle anybody. Also, if Amy Poehler never wins an Emmy for playing Leslie Knope, it will be a travesty. Parks and Rec is already ridiculously underrated, but I don't know how people get away with ignoring the pure awesomeness of her performance.

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