100 Things I Want to Show my Kids Before They Turn 12 Part 4

by - Saturday, September 07, 2013

Oh man, 100 things is a lot! Maybe my next list won't have so much description. I mean, honestly, who cares. Anyway, let's get to it!

21. Muppet Christmas Carol- It is not Christmas until we've seen this movie. It makes Charles Dickens way more fun than he ever deserves to be (for serious, when that guy isn't Gonzo, he is the worst!). We usually play it when we put up our Christmas decorations, so I hope we keep up with that tradition forever.

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22. Monty Python and the Holy Grail- Ok, it is telling that when I was looking for an image for this, I giggled to myself like an idiot twice. I totally forgot about the witch part! Once you start down that road, you spend the rest of the night chuckling to yourself, because I am pretty sure once I get going, I can still quote this entire movie. It's almost cliche dork-fare, but it is also hilarious, so what can you do?

23. A League of Their Own- I only saw this movie in the last year or so, but it is awesome! Great because it is all girl power, but it actually is rooted in a certain moment of American history. I think it would be a good one to show kids, because girls are the sports heroes. 

24. The Big Island0 When I was a kid, we went to Maine at "Grammy's on the Lake." How weird will it be if going to Hawaii is what is normal for our kids? It's kind of crazy, but I can totally imagine how fun it would be to be a kid going on adventures with my Mom and walking her dogs and such. I think it will be very cool if that level of adventure is normal to them, though if you start them out there, how will they top it as adults?

25. Willow-  We joke about this movie constantly. For our spawn to get our jokes, they will have to watch this movie.

26. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This movie is the best! This movie, as paired with Barbie, gave me all of my unrealistic body expectations. But I am going to look like Jessica Rabbit. Any day now. Also, I will have a suggestive mailbox, as she does in Toon Town. It's also interesting, because I feel like this movie could never exist now- Daffy and Donald Duck having a duet while Betty Boop looks on? This is a world I could live in.

27. Charlotte’s Web- It's hard to vouch for this book today, because I killed 41 spiders in the process of de-webbing our porches (they blow up over the summer... life living next to a still water creek). But this spider is not so bad. In truth, I would still murder her, unless her web specifically asked me not to.

28. Back to the Future- It fails the Bechdel test, but this may be the ultimate kids movie. I mean, adventure! Weird incest feelings! Huey Lewis and the News! Also, I need to watch the second one again to see what date in the future they go to, because I need to know when to plan for my hoverboard.

29. The Princess Bride- No, this is the ultimate kids' movie! How do you decide?!?!? If you don't know every word of this movie, we probably shouldn't be friends. By that logic, I won't be all that fond of my future spawn until they are cognitively capable of remembering this entire movie. That sounds about right to me. Andre the Giant is my favorite part, and I just learned that he had to learn all of his lines phonetically so he could be understood. Doesn't that make the whole thing that much more impressive? It's another Bechtel Loser, but you can't have it all.
30. The Little Mermaid- Part of your.......... WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said. 

31. Disneyland- I hope we take our kids to Disneyland. Specifically, I would like to go visit my brother in LA, no matter where we are living, and he would come with us to Disneyland. Even better, if some number of  our parents (perhaps not both) came and met us there too. I have learned some important lessons from going there with Petey. No Space Mountain or Indiana Jones, because there is no way our kids will be tougher than Carlo's. Anyway, I will make everyone wear embarassing mouse ears and eat the world's best turkey sandwich, and there will be rejoicing.

32. To Kill a Mockingbird (The movie and the book)- How do you choose? Harper Lee's book probably comes first, because it is just so great, but Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is life changing. He is really that good in that movie. Of course, it raises some questions, because do you want your kids to know the parents out in the world who are so much better than you are??? Tricky. 

33. The Hobbit- My dad read us this book as a kid, and I have really happy memories of that happening. He also told us stories which always had something to do with Pickles. Not sure I can replicate those, but I can definitely read out loud.

34. The Emperor’s New Groove- So funny it shouldn't be a Disney movie. Speaking of my Dad, I remember him being at his giggly finest when we saw this movie. It still holds up- best gags and best evil (??) sidekick of all time. Krunk is the best.  Plus, it is about Peru! We love Peru!

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35. Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton- Silent movies, if you pick them right, seem perfect for kids. I would definitely go see Safety Last! in the theaters again if I ever had the chance, and I can just imagine that a kid would love that too. If you have never seen that movie, you are missing out! Buster Keaton is a little trickier- I would check for really overt racism before putting in front of little kids (this would be the same reason I go back and forth about Eddie Cantor).

36. The Royal Tennenbaums- It is still my favorite Wes Anderson movie. The exposition and voice over in the beginning is so perfect. Just another really unique style to put in front of them.

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37. Star Wars- Again, I am pretty sure you can't survive your childhood without seeing it at least once. Plus, as Barney Stinson has suggested, you have to put the ewoks in front of kids before they realize how grating they are. This rule does not apply to Jar Jar Binks. My children will hopefully not even know the first three episodes exist for as long as I can help it. By the time we have kids, there will probably be a lot more episodes to sift through. Please, please, let them have more Leias than Amidalas.

38. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe- Another one of the Boy's favorites. Great read for younger levels, and it has lots of solid Christian philosophy behind it. If they get through all of the Narnia series, it would be a miracle, but you have to read this one, for sure.

39. Singin in the Rain- Another one we have loved since we were kids. My brother put a solid hole in our living room wall trying to recreate "Make Em Laugh." Almost every song is awesome, and it all works right at a kid's comprehension level. Gene Kelly's smarminess and butt are both really working in this film.

40. Kung Fu Panda- I love that wise turtle. Someone told me that line is actually from Winnie the Pooh- is that true? This movie is a great one about unexpected heroes, and I like that.

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