Things for this Week

by - Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ok, I am presenting a paper on Friday, so I really shouldn't be blogging, but I am going to take a minute this morning to do the bare minimum, because we already know I am a bad grad student, so really who cares?

1. Making illuminated manuscripts- I love that my job gives me an excuse to make stuff, but even better, I get to make all sorts of weird things I would have never thought to make just because. It just makes me happy.
2. The Boy's Turkey Burgers- Did I mention this before? We have eaten it multiple times since we have more food than people. They are delicious- taco seasoning, bacon, tomato, red onion, and guacomole.
3. Shabby Apple Jewelry- Isn't that pretty? Someday, when I have infinite money.
4.Tomato Caprese Salad- I have been eating it every day for lunch, and we got awesome tomatoes last week at the farmers' market, so this week has been especially delicious.
5. Wendy Davis- That lady is the pink sneaker bomb. She literally stood up for women's rights for 10 straight hours. She took a stand in a situation that seems totally hopeless. We should all learn from that, because the feminist fight will seemingly never get old. People can get in a ton of trouble for being homophobic or racist, but sexism never goes out of style.
6. The crowd of women who screamed afterwards- I know they are already working to sidestep the process and have a "special session" to have the vote again (uggghhhh, power hungry old white men, I am so bored with you), but hearing that crowd finish Wendy Davis's filibuster was real democracy in action. That was a group of women refusing to be ignored. The whole thing gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. It was truly amazing.
7. Waking up yesterday morning to news about DOMA and Prop 8- Man, it's not often that super liberal feminist/ queer rights supporters have a REALLY good 24 hours, but yesterday was just a freaking good day. I can't not smile when I think about all of the things that went down. They kept playing "Same Love" on the radio with sound clips in the bridge, and it made me cry every time. I am just so happy for this progress.
8.Seeing my new adviser- He is just the sweetest man. I know he just looks really good in comparison to the hell which was my old adviser, but he always seems genuinely happy to see the people around him, and he goes through lots of crazy hairstyles which I like. He is in charge of the huge conference I am volunteering for/ presenting in this week, so it is very nice to get to see him. Being in TAPS makes me hopeful that I could exist at Stanford moving in and out of another building, because Cummings still makes me very nervous and sad.
9. That Andre is coming to visit this weekend! I love visitors. He has other people to see, but we will still get to eat him some, so I can't wait for that.

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