Ten Things I Don't Ever Want to be too Mature For

by - Saturday, June 29, 2013

10.Orange pop- One week on this stuff and I was hooked again. Orange pop will always beat out those sad clear losers, except for Sunkist which is ridiculous and gross and only makes me miss the wonder of Orange Slice. Who loves orange soda? Well, Kel. But also I do.

9. Tamogotchis- Do you remember when these things were super popular? I can remember being traumatized when I accidentally drowned two (was it two? Thomas would know) of them. Tamogotchis are still a necessary part of our surprise bags when we go on road trips, and they really hold up! It is still fun to watch them grow and feed them and play weird little games with them. I would argue tamogotchis are the perfect road trip toy.
8. Taking a bath- In the house I grew up in, we always took baths, and yes, now I understand that basically you are laying in a hot bowl of your own filth, but every so often, they are still really nice.
7.Needing to put my feet in the water- My Nana still has to put her feet in whenever they get close to a body of water. My Grammy still swims in the lake (even though it is freezing cold). I feel like the way to stay young is to keep doing those sort of little things that just make you happy.
6. Juice Boxes, Pop Tarts, Cotton Candy, and Breakfast Cereal- If you ever get too old to remember your strategy for eating Lucky Charms, life is not good. Seriously, I understand everyone has their own foods that they know deep in their heart are bad for them, but they are still somehow good for their soul, because they taste like being a kid. The closest thing to growing up is knowing you can't eat too much of some of these things without wanting to die.
5. Boy Meets World and all early 90's Nickelodeon shows (except for CatDog, which really was not good)-Clearly, I am not the only one since there is so much attention for the remake, right?

4. Rollercoasters- I can still remember my first ride on the Iron Dragon with my Mom, and a day riding rollercoasters still sounds like a great day to me.

3.Feeling comforted when I am near my parents and brother-I hate hate hate that we are apart and I get very cranky when they leave. I know we are all supposed to grow up and stake our own claim in the world and so fort, but if I could live down the street from all three of them, I would be really happy.
2.Holidays- I love everything about every holiday. I am still excited on Christmas Eve. I still love to watch the fireworks on 4th of July. I am still pumped for stuffing on Thanksgiving. I love traditions and being together, but most of all I love that you can mark a day as special, and then treat it that way. I know people get jaded, or they dread the drama that inevitably comes from family being together, or they just get bored with traditions, but I would HATE for that to happen. If you can't put energy and enthusiasm into the positive parts of life, you are robbing yourself of something great.

1. Getting really really excited about new things-You know how you get that special rush from seeing something for the first time? I hope I never run out of new things to see for the first time, because that feeling of total awe, where you wonder how you lived your life thus far without it, has to be one of the very best feelings in the whole world. I love that feeling when you hear a song for the first time and instantly know it is a new favorite. I remember squealing at the first sight of the Rocky Mountains. That is the feeling I hope won't go away.

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