Six for our Weekend at Grammy's on the Lake

by - Monday, June 17, 2013

1.Getting caught in a gay pride parade- Saturday morning, after a pretty sleepless red-eye, I pulled myself together to drive from Boston to Portland. I was only about half-successful, and I was tricked by my GPs. Long story short, the trip took about 3 hours. Then, when I finally made it to Portland, we were directed off the road, because it was the start to the Gay Pride parade. I had to park a mile from the restaurant, but I got to walk behind this guy, and an older church lady gave me a gay pride lollipop, so all in all, it really turned the morning around.
2.Bintliff’s (and their cinnamon roll pancakes)- Wini met up with us, which was so nice, because I haven’t seen her in 4 years. She looked very pregnant. She also had (unsurprisingly) great taste in places to eat, so we went to an awesome brunch place that I will spend the rest of the year dreaming about. If you are ever in Portland, Maine (or Ogunquit), I highly recommend this place!
3. The Smell of Grammy’s on the Lake- Best smell in the world. You just open the car door, and it smells like family, and childhood, and memories, and (most importantly) Greenedom.It is just so comforting and exciting, and it weirdly makes me want to get in the Lake even when it is freaking freezing. Worth it.
4. The Boy-It is quite a man that will go with you on your yearly friends trip. It is a whole new level to go a day before I can go to open up the cabin and to host my friends by himself. Also, to really enjoy himself, to like my friends, and to lose way too much sleep on what has easily become a really stupid June. no more planning back to back super short weekend trips. If you want to see us this summer, I suggest you buy your plane tickets, because he has certainly earned at least 30 days off of planes.

5. The Horrible Feeling after Ted’s-Ted's fried clams are delicious, especially because they leave the belly in. At first, you think "oh man, did I order enough?" because you only get to eat it once in a very blue moon. Then by halfway, you are thinking "Man, I really should stop." By the time you give up, you feel a bit like you are going to die. But it is perfectly disgusting, and greasy, and worth it. If I ever become such a foodie/ healthy snob that I cannot enjoy Ted's, just put me out of my misery.
6. Birds in airports-I wrote this as I was watching a bird fly through the TINY virgin terminal at the Boston Airport. The Boy was pretty cranky at this point (and we hadn't even gotten to the part where he had to admit I was right that we should have eaten), but the bird made him so happy!
7. My Grammy’s taste in Fabrics- Dotty loves a good, weird print. Also, she keeps her beach towels in her plastic bag drawer. Sometimes, I look at her, and I feel like certain parts of my weirdness make way more sense, in a really really good way. She makes me smile even when she isn't actually in the building!

8. Father's Day!- Man, Mother's Day used to be my favorite day on facebook, but Father's day is a real contender now. I hope that these exemplary dads had an awesome day!

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