My Grampa read this in Church Yesterday for his 57th Anniversary with Grammy

by - Monday, June 17, 2013

" A story about a girl
When I was 14 in Rye, NH I met a girl who had just moved up from Boston, she was cute and smart but she was a city girl, and almost two years older. We went to the same church, I helped her teach a Sunday School class. We dated some, I gave her my high school class ring. She went away to college. She gave me back the ring. I went to a diferent college, we kept seeing each other though the colleges were 125 miles apart. When I was a sophomore in college I proposed on New Year's Eve, and she accepted. I think our parents panicked.

 We got married in 1956 when she graduated. I was 20 and she was 22. The minister forgot the wedding and was 30 minutes late. She started teaching and I finished college. I had my only semester perfect grades that year. Our first son was born during my final exam week. The doctor and hospital bill came to $150. I couldn't leave the hospital with them until it was paid. I got a job and we moved 150 miles from our families. We had two more kids and lost one. My job moved and we came to Franklin in 1966 , about 600 miles from our families when our kids were 3,6 and 9. Our eldest had appendicitis and had it removed one evening when I was on the second shift, I found out about it when I got home.

 I traveled and things happened like the water heater failing, and the car windshield breaking. She always coped and never complained. We have had all the regular trials and problems. She is a cancer survivor. I am thankful for our life together, and to all the people and things that have made it possible. This is our 57th wedding anniversary" Scotty Greene

If you know him at all, you know this is a completely out of character super gushing from him. Just the sweetest thing ever, and it made me cry in public, which the Boy just loves. 

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