My Goals for Camp Galileo this Summer

by - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

At this moment, my biggest goal is to get my inventory done and stop getting through every day on the seat of my pants. But I also have larger, more philosophical goals for the summer.

1. (and the largest by far) I want to figure out if this PhD is something I need to do what I love- I know that what I care about is teaching others how to see the images around them as messages, as politics, as something that deserves thought. I have always thought I needed to teach art history to do this, but I am taking this summer to consider whether teaching younger students might also be a satisfying way to blend visual literacy with the empowerment that comes with actually making things. This is what I hope to learn in a big way after this huge challenge of a summer.

2. I want to figure out how to better manage a classroom, to grab their attention from the beginning and to keep it for the whole period of time.

3. I want to be vulnerable (even if I feel like a fool) and to become part of what is clearly a very cool staff community- I want to really jump into the traditions already established at the camp and to contribute to the culture. I often sit back in situations where I feel that I am not an insider, but I need to push out of my comfort zone in this way. I want to discuss the issues I see and collaborate on traditions. 

4. I want to learn how to praise effort, rather than ability- I want it to come naturally to me so that the language of this pedagogical philosophy to be emphasized almost effortlessly in my language. I want to continue to think about this model of encouragement. 

5. To be happy being busy and to get used to not having much time- I am so used to having whatever time I want and to manage my own schedule. All I had to give up was being miserable all the time! Good times! This will give me a chance to practice having a more uniform schedule.

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