6 Things for Today and Yesterday- Hershey Kisses, Getting Started at Camp Galileo, and Twitch

by - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1. Making it through my first day of camp! I survived!!! I will write a whole post about this later, but I am optimistic about how this summer will go if this is the starting point.
2. Hershey kisses- I bought them for the plane, but they ended up being the only thing I ate for most of the day yesterday (I also got the most steps that I can remember ever getting in one day on my pedometer... it's an odd accomplishment, but I am proud of it all the same).
3. Chicken wing circles- Don't you love how no matter what you are doing, it has its own language? There are so many things being said right now that I have NO idea what they mean, but it is fun figuring it out.
4. Getting my butt kicked by a bunch of first graders and some shaving cream- Oh boy. If the first day let me feel like I can do this, then the second day told me it is still going to be super super hard. But I am covered in paint, I learned a TON, and I have a smile on my face, so we are going to call it a win. I mean, you know it was a good day if you smell like clean shaven man and you have paint under your fingernails.
5. Being back in the same place as the boy for 24 hours- Also, that we are both the kind of people who would like to celebrate this with take out food and never leaving the couch. I am kind of excited for the trip to Maine this weekend, but I have to be honest I am really looking forward to a Saturday where we can just sleep in (a week and a half from now).
6. Twitch- I want to take that much unbridled happiness from other people just doing really really well. I like people who cheer other people on, and you can tell from how he judges on SYTYCD that he is that kind of person.

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