6 things for today and yesterday- Sushi, the Ugliness of the San Jose Airport, and Being back in Pennsylvania

by - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

1. Late night sessions cutting out stars- Ok, I may not have the best time management, but I thought it was fun to rush through some crafty. I sure will be glad I did it next Sunday night, when I am looking my first day of teaching in the face!
2. Unexpected trips for sushi- God, I love spicy hamachi rolls. I know they are white people sushi, and I don't care. Give me that and a california roll and I am one happy white square. Delicious and amazing.
3. My brother having a phone again- Isn't it funny how attached we all get to the idea of being reachable at any time??? Still, I am glad the phone-free phase is over. I had been getting missed calls from a number I didn't recognize all week, and yesterday I realized it was him! Best realization ever. My brother is the best.
4. That the Boy gets sooo whiny the morning I leave, but by the time we get to the airport, he is basically pushing me into the security line. The angst of the moment is really lost on him. His words "Barbie, you gotta buy your magazines, and I gotta go to work." Be still my heart. Our interactions in airports will certainly make it into the historical romantic drama of our lives.
5. That the San Jose Airport is trying soo hard to be pretty, but it is still butt ugly. Just ugly. The newer parts might even be uglier than the old worn out parts. And it makes you feel sad, because it is trying so hard to be pretty. So so hard.
6. That I am in Franklin right now- I love being home. I just feel like I can finally breathe as the plane comes down in the Pittsburgh Airport. By the time I read the dinosaur, I just feel comfortable and happy and full of hope (even though I know these trips always fly by). People are actually kind and friendly here. Please, Lord Jesus, I want to end up back in this corner of the world more than pretty much anything else.

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