6 Things for Today and Yesterday- Rudy Lunches, Galileo Posters, and Leo's Grilled Chicken Salads

by - Friday, June 07, 2013

1. That every time I go to lunch with Rudy, I am there for at least 3 hours. It is always nice to have friends who you can just talk to for a long time and really enjoy yourself. Also, feel super jealous because they are buying a house and you are still living in your apartment!
2. Making all my posters for Camp Galileo- So fun! It shouldn't be so great to make cutesy vocab word posters, and yet I couldn't have been more zen and happy. It's just a tiny slice of what I will be doing this summer, but I like it all the same. I have one big one left to do, and then I will be all ready for the week!
3. My new check card- It has the same numbers! It's the first time I got a new one for reasons other than I lost it somewhere, so it is exciting that I don't have to memorize new numbers.
4.Leonardo's Grilled Chicken Salad- It really makes feel sad for the rest of the world, because their salads don't have french fries on them. Also, Leonardo's grilled chicken is the best. I am not even a big chicken person, but I love theirs.
5.That George R R Martin is a feminist (because I am not sure I would guess that from the books, but then maybe- like a nerd pervert feminist, which I guess is a pretty good kind)- a quote from him: “To me being a feminist is about treating men and women the same. I regard men and women as all human — yes there are differences, but many of those differences are created by the culture that we live in, whether it’s the medieval culture of Westeros, or 21st century western culture.” I know this is the second time I have praised a dude feminist in the last week or so, but I think they have a really specific and valuable place in the movement.

It's a lot like allies- I can never understand what it feels like to be queer, but I can see something is fucked up and say so. And since I actually can benefit from the privilege that oppresses them, my voice may not be the most accurate, but it changes the conversation, because I stand up and seemingly and immediately gain nothing (though I firmly believe that we ALL benefit from equality, and that when closely examined, these kinds of inequality actually hurt and oppress everyone). I think this is the same dynamic with male feminists. So, George R R, I think you can be on the team, even though you and your shows obsession with boobs might also reveal your own socialized difference and grossness.

Also, and this is somewhat unrelated, how can people possibly be that shocked by the Red Wedding? They never read the books? Or just know someone who read the books? It is amazing to me that it has had such a profound effect, but I guess I haven't watched it play out yet. I feel relieved, because Mama Stark was the worst.
6. Being home- I can tell how much it matters to me, because I am getting very cranky about the fact that things are wrapping up. I wish I had made my decisions differently, and that we could have ended up here somehow.

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